The IHRF is a Colorado non-profit whose mission is to raise money to support research at institutes of higher learning.  The IHRF is skilled at connecting private companies to a vast array of tax deductible hemp related research projects across the U.S.  Contact us to learn more about the unique opportunities available.  Thank you.

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Hemp research is rekindling product manufacturing, breaking through barriers, and creating modern day innovation with a resilient and multi-use plant that is as old as human life itself. By partnering with programs and research focused on hemp, we are supporting the most important steps of this plant's success in our country.


The IHRF maintains Master Research & Development Agreements (MRDAs) and related contractual agreements with the following institutions:

  • University of Colorado-Denver

  • University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

  • Colorado State University-Fort Collins

  • Colorado State University-Pueblo, Institute of Cannabis Research

  • University of Kansas-Lawrence, KS

Presently, the IHRF is actively involved in the following states: 

  • Colorado

  • California

  • Kansas

  • Nevada  

  • North Carolina

  • South Carolina

  • Virginia

  • Maryland


The IHRF is actively seeking quality, strategically-focused hemp businesses interested in providing tax-deductible investments in the following research projects:

  • Phytoremediation utilizing hemp

  • Pest Management for industrial hemp

  • Hemp in animal feeds (caninies)

  • CBD product stability

  • Genetic analysis of Y-chromosome in Cannabis

  • Chemical decortications of hemp fiber

  • Cultivating a Culture of Health and Safety in Colorado's Hemp Sector

  • Hemp biofuels research

  • Stabilization of base pavement and other road materials using hemp

  • How CBD modulates memory and learning in humans + memory disorders

  • Adaptive web tension control in hemp based papers


CBDRx Soma I Project: Acute Stress, Sleep, and Circadian Physiology 

To test the potential prophylactic effect of CBD and CBD extracts, we will use a pre‐clinical rodent model of stressful experience that predictably produces exaggerated fear behavior, disruptions to normal diurnal physiological rhythms, and sleep disturbances. The Fleshner lab are experts in vivo biotelemetric measures of diurnal physiology and stages of sleep (electroencephalogram, EEG). Only by testing a pre‐clinical, highly controlled, in vivo biotelemetry study, can one explore the potential of CBD and CBD extracts prevent the negative consequences stress on anxiety and sleep. Thus, we propose to study the safety and efficacy of daily ingestion of purified CBD or CBD extracts to prevent the negative effects of exposure. A 90‐minute intermittent acute tailshock stressor on exaggerated fear behavior, disruptions to normal diurnal physiological rhythms, and sleep disturbances. 

Cannabidiol: Influence of Liposomal Encapsulation on Bioavailablity and Inflammation

Liposomes are manufactured microscopic, hollow spherical vesicles composed of a lipid bilayer. When loaded with pharmaceuticals and/or dietary supplements, liposomes are a very effective method of drug/supplement delivery. Advantages of liposome encapsulation include accelerated intestinal absorption, increased stability of the drug/supplement, protection of the gut from potentially irritating agents, and greater bioavailability of the drug/supplement. 


Inflammation is an important physiological characteristic of multiple chronic diseases. Strategies to decrease and/or prevent inflammation have appreciable and favorable consequences for general health. Cannabidiol (CBD) is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, thus ingestion of CBD may promote health and physiological function. 


Accordingly, the purpose of research described herein is to determine the influence of liposomal encapsulation of CBD on CBD bioavailability, and to determine if greater bioavailability augments the efficacy of CBD as a strategy to counter inflammation.

Colorado Hemp Animal Feed Study

IHRF President, David Bush, has been elected to serve on the Colorado Animal Feed Study Working Group. This Working Group will provide recommendations to the Colorado State Legislature on feasibility and safety recommendations on how to incorporate hemp into existing animal feed supply chains. The Working Group will likely recommend a variety of follow up studies. IHRF has been given advanced notice that said studies will utilize their programming guidelines and has been asked to act as a program manager for such activities.