The IHRF is a Colorado non-profit whose mission is to raise money to support research at institutes of higher learning.  The IHRF is skilled at connecting private companies to a vast array of tax deductible hemp related research projects across the U.S.  Contact us to learn more about the unique opportunities available.  Thank you.

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So What Is Industrial Hemp?

Industrial hemp is a variety of the plant Cannabis Sativa. Legally, industrial hemp is defined as containing less than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid, which is a minuscule amount. Again, hemp is not marijuana and cannot get you high. Instead, hemp is bred for a variety of different purposes that can help us medically, economically and environmentally.

​The hemp stalk can be broken down into three main components: 

  • outer bast fiber

  • the hurd

  • empty inner core

What Is Hemp's Purpose?

Hemp is an unbelievable plant that has many uses waiting to be utilized by us. Hemp can be bred for seed which can be eaten whole for protein or turned into powder or milk, they can be pressed to make oil for fuel, lubricant, nutrition, or cosmetics, and the leftover cake can be used for flour or fodder. If bred for hurd, hemp can be used for concrete, insulation, animal bedding, or mulch. If bred for fiber, hemp can be used for rope, clothing, canvas, or carpet. The stalk can also be used for biofuel, paper, or filters. If bred for flower, hemp can provide a wide array of non psychoactive cannabinoids which may be used medicinally for countless maladies, including pain management, epilepsy, and cancer. The root may also be used for tinctures and teas for medicinal purposes.

Let's be clear...

Hemp is not marijuana and cannot get you high.